About Fyrvall.com

"Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way of giving something without loosing something" Richard Stallman

This blog is dedicated to the art of hobby Video Game development. These articles are written as a way of sharing useful, insightfull and inspiring material, written from a place of joy and passion for the world to take part of, for free, for anyone who find them.

Fyrvall.com is also a creative outlet for me, giving me a chance to share my expertise and give my opinion on matters. Topics covered includes programming, best-practices, shader code, 3D Modeling, framework tutorials and a lot more. Nothings of-topic and nothings garuanteed.

The content does not have any specific audience in mind, but will assume a familiarity with the basics of the area. The required level of comprehension may vary heavily from article to article.

About the authors

This blog is written and maintained by me, Bona Fyrvall, a senior software developer and code enthusiast with over 15 years of programming experience. I got a bachelors degree in computer science from Stockholm University. By day I work as a professional back-end developer at Arrowhead Game Studios, a medium sized game studios located in Stockholm, Sweden. During the off hours I like to make games on my own.

I have experienced a wide range of programming languages (many professionally), mainly C#, PHP and Kotlin. I've also tried other languages to varying degdrees including C++, CG, Visual Basic, LUA, Javascript, Java and SQL. This blog will contain posts covering many of these languages and lots of theory which applies to most of them.


The code displayed on Fyrvall.com is intended to be used, reused, altered and shared to your heart's contend. To fulfill this goal, everything is released under an MIT license meaning they are in essence free for anyone to copy and use as you like without the risk of any legal repercussions. If any questions arise or of you're feeling unsure, please read up on the license yourself. Anything code not released under an MIT licsense will have a explicti warning.

Note: This only applies to code. Images and non-code text is still copything protected.

Bona Fyrvall